Laser cutting: tubes and plates.

Laser Cutting

Since the end of the 90s we have been among the first to experiment this technology and over the years, in addition to developing the necessary experience to face any eventuality, we have never stopped investing in innovation by purchasing new laser systems to guarantee at our customers results always best.

We take care of laser cutting tubes and plates,
at the request of customers.we provide the laser cutting service also on materials supplied directly by the customer on work account.
Or we can use materials from our warehouse or buy them directly.

Tube laser cutting.

The dimensions are very important in laser tube cutting. We carry out pipe cutting up to a maximum diameter of 240mm.

Types of pipes.
Round tube cutting (12mm diameter up to 240mm)
Square tube cut (with side from 12mm up to 200mm)
Rectangular tube cut and flat oval (with a maximum side of 200mm).
Open sections.
Cut plates
L, C and U profile cutting
3D cut.

Our machines are also able to perform 3D cutting from file.

Plates metal laser cutting.

We are experts in sheet metal laser cutting. the size of the sheets that we can cut are 4mt per 2mt.

Maximum thickness of the sheets we cut is 25mm.

Types of sheets.
Iron sheet cutting
Stainless steel sheet cutting
Aluminum sheet cutting

We have machines with Co2 and Fiber type of cutting.

1000 Tons of material ready in stockFaster and more professional, so you don't waste time.

By allowing us to manage your processing activities, you can avoid large investments in machinery and focus on your main business.

Lasercutting offers you the best solutions to reduce the inventory of raw materials and consequently the capital invested. Instead of buying machines and steel, contact us: we have a department store and we provide you with the services you need.

Laser cutting: Maximum Availability and Professionalism

We have several laser systems and also the most innovative laser fiber, capable of cutting ever greater thicknesses. We have years of experience behind us and we were among the first in Italy to make tubes using laser.

If you need a service for large quantities by today, call us immediately and you will get it!

We have an extremely large automatic warehouse that allows us to quickly deal with your needs and emergencies that may occur.

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