Iron sheet laser cuttingtypes of iron, dimensions and thicknesses required

Iron sheet laser cutting: we were among the first companies to equip us with a laser sheet cutting machine. We have a great experience, a vast fleet of machines and materials to meet any need.

As regards the iron sheet laser cutting we are able to cut metal sheets up to 4000 x 2000 mm and with a max. of 25 mm.

Our multiple sheet metal laser cutting stations allow us to start any quantity and any order immediately. No waiting time. If you have urgency to have your order executed, contact us and we will process it immediately!

Our large warehouse (of over 1000 tons of goods) allows us to immediately have the material you need available, with the result of making deliveries even faster and avoiding the hassle of procuring the raw material.

Our laser cuts are precise, accurate, detailed. Our professional review makes sure that the material that comes to you is perfect.

Customer partners: we consider ourselves partners of our customers. For this reason our works are scrupulous and punctual.

Taglio laser lamiere ferro