Plate metal laser cuttingsteel plate cutting, aluminum plate cutting, stainless steel plate cutting.

With laser cutting no challenge is impossible

cutting: with our laser cutting machines that exploit the fiber and the more consolidated CO2 laser technology we can effectively cut every type of sheet metal.

Plate format: 2000×4000 mm
Workable thicknesses: from 0.8 to 25 mm
Materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminum

No waiting times: thanks to our numerous sheet metal laser cutting stations, we are able to satisfy many customers and therefore immediately satisfy your order. In this way we eliminate waiting times and any economic losses for the end user.

Large warehouse: our large warehouse of 1000 tons of material allows us to reset the handling times, making the material you need immediately available and avoiding the hassle of having to procure it.

Subcontracting: if you already have materials to be processed or semi-finished materials, we can work on materials provided by the client on a subcontract basis.

Customer partners: we consider ourselves partners of our customers. For this reason our works are scrupulous and punctual.

Laser cutting of iron, stainless steel, aluminum.
No waiting time.
Laser cutting on materials provided by the customer on work account.
Large warehouse to meet your needs.